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By Stefano Allievi, Jorgen Nielsen

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The subject of this choice of articles is the more and more transnational nature of Islam in Europe in addition to the mechanisms wherein the transnationalism is activated, specially the media. The papers combine particular case reports with extra normal and thematic concerns.

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This was a time when something akin to ‘modern’ political parties was taking shape, above all in the form of the Indian National Congress. But as the independence project began to get caught up in religious differences, Muslim parties also came into being. The most significant in the longer term was the Jama'at-i-Islami founded in 1941 by one of the leading Muslim thinkers of his age, Abu al-A'la Mawdudi (d. 1979). Initially opposed to the concept of a Muslim state, when Pakistan was formed in 1947 Mawdudi and the Jama'at set as their the ‘reason’ of the philosophical tradition with its hellenic origins.

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And even if the suspicions of these ‘evil’ media have not completely disappeared (the satellite dishes have been called, in some Islamist milieux, paradiaboliques—instead of paraboliques, the French word for satellite dish—because Western evil penetrates Muslim families through them), there can be no doubt about their diffusion. In particular, Arab broadcasting is in a very modern, but in some way paradoxical, situation. One of these paradoxes is, for example, that Saudi Arabia introduced a prohibition of satellite dishes with a law in 1994, but it is the most powerful Arab producer of satellite programs, through three networks all depending on different branches of the Saudi royal family, and all based in Europe: MBC from London, ART from Avezzano, near Rome, and Orbit TV, again in Rome (Della Ratta, 2000).

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Muslim Networks and Transnational Communities in and Across Europe (Muslim Minorities, 1) (Muslim Minorities, 1) by Stefano Allievi, Jorgen Nielsen

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