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By Roberta King, Jean Ngoya Kidula, James R. Krabill, Thomas A. Oduro

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Throughout the 20th century, the variety of Christians in Africa grew from an predicted four million to greater than three hundred million. one of many forces that has propelled the church's amazing progress is its liturgical track, which has been seriously encouraged by way of indigenous musical traditions. This lucrative ebook takes readers contained in the song for the 1st time. via interpreting the relevant function of indigenous song in selling Christianity and in giving voice to neighborhood theologies, the authors search to energise conversations among tune, tradition, and the church. moreover, they extract helpful classes for fostering religion groups all over the world.

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And the thorough Scottish ring in such songs as ‘Hold the Fort’. . It takes us by surprise to hear gospel truth wafted in the strains of our national music; but is it not possible that this may be the true though unexpected reason why these simple songs have found such a direct and wonderful entrance to the Scottish heart? S. church. The “gospel choir” later evolved into prominence with massed choirs used around the world. S. church was inseparably linked with one’s Christian faith practices.

Where] the spirit of indigenous Church Music has now begun to pulsate audibly, and the Church in Tanzania has responded to this spirit by encouraging and harnessing it . . ” (Mbunga 1968, 373). He was convinced that the more African believers sang their faith in African musical idioms, the more profoundly the faith penetrated their souls (Mbunga 1963, 21). indd 19 1/22/08 2:19:27 PM 20 — Roberta R. King the first Protestant missionaries to Africa renowned for their deeply spiritual, pietistic practices, continued singing their hymns and liturgy as they arrived in both West and South Africa in 1737.

The response to hymns and gospel songs in Africa, however, was not what early missionaries expected, and it was not what they intended. indd 34 1/22/08 2:19:34 PM Music Culture: Euro-American Christianity — 35 For Discussion , S 1. What is the history of music in your church? What are its origins? How does this influence your church’s music today? Identify four major reasons that missionaries introduced their own Christian hymns into the African church? Do you see similar approaches being done today?

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