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In accordance with a assessment of fabrics stored within the Herbarium of the Komarov Botanical Institute of St. Petersburg, Russia, this paintings is a part of a sequence anticipated to be a 20-volume complete taxonomic account of crops of the principal Asian floristic area of Mongolia and China. This quantity is devoted to the genus Astralagus L.

Download PDF by Korotkov K.O., Morozova O.V., Belonovskaja E.A.: The USSR vegetation syntaxa prodromus. M., 1991

Korotkov ok. O. , Morozova O. V. , Belonovskaja E. A. The USSR crops syntaxa prodromus. M. , 1991

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Fig. bona. It is rather furprifing that this ANTIRRHINUM, the moft fhewy perhaps of the whole genus, though apparently neither particularly tender nor difficult of propagation, Ihould be almoft unknown in thiscountry*; notwithftanding it was cultivated by Profefibr HERMAN, in the Botanic Garden at Leyden, more than a century fince. The Profeffor remarks, that it has a creeping root, by which it diffufes itfelf widely, and puts forth frefh fhoots every year, by which we may underftand, that it is fufficiently hardy to bear the Dutch winters; he tells us alfo, that it grows to the height of a man.

67. Gtrtis's Sot. Mag. 4 41. ANTHOLYZA lubulofa, varietas flore variegato. Andrews'^, Bot. RepoJ. 1 74. The name of Watfonia was firft given by MILLER, in ho nour of our friend, the late Sir WILLIAM VVATSON, and was adopted by JUSSIEU in that invaluable work his Genera plantarum, and will be found to form a very natural genus, fufficiently diftinft from Antholyza. This very elegant Jpecies, which does not appear to have been noticed by WILLDENOW, is readily diftinguifhed from every other by the diftinciform of the corol la, which ftrongly refembles fome fpecies of Aietris, LachenalJa, and Aloe.

5 7. nana varietas ridianum This is certainly the MESEMBRYANTHEMUM pome by the ed figur and of LINN^US, both accurately defcribed thoides helian EMUM younger LINN & u s. The MESEMBRYANTH as a down put to ted of the Kew Catalogue we fhould be temp intro were forts both mere variety of this ; but observing that we are duced by Mr. MASSON from the Cape the Tame year, fpecies two , work a ate unwilling to fuppofe that, in fo accur her. toget ared comp be Ihould be made of one when both could capthe in cells many It has ufually twelve ftigmas and as ; hairy s alway are calyx fule ; the peduncles and bafe of the and flat them of three the fegments of the ^calyx irregular, middle ufually longer than the petals, and two rounded in the bafe.

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