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Yes, I am a student. e BaW iHCTHTYT? I s this your college? TaK, MiA. Yes, it is mine. RH CTYAeHTH? Are you students? TaK, MH cTYAeHTH. Yes, we are students. U,e BaW iHcTHTYT? I s this your college? Hi, He Haw. No, it is not ours. YHA u;e iHCTHTYT? Whose college is this? e iXHiA iHCTHTYT. This is their college. The pronouns 8U (you) and 8QUl (your, yours) are used in addressIng the second person singular (strangers and elders) and in the plural. , The pronouns Haul (our, ours), BaLU (your , yours), 'ixHill (their, theirs) and 'iui1?

BH crYAenT? A OKeana? e KiMHllTa. - TaK, cry,neHT. OKCaHa rem miwe. 4liH lle KiMllaTa? e xro? LJ,e IXHJJ KiMHaTa? Hawa. e HaTaJlKa. - Hi , ue llama KiMllaTa. Xro Tyr? BOlia \lliTae? eHTH. Hi, BOlia miwe. P. Look althe following pictures and answer the questions; (I) I. e WKOJla? 2. Tyr KJlac? 3. XTO Tyr? 4 . Qe siKno? 5. Qe AowKa? 6. LIiTH nHmYTb? 7. Xro nHwe? 8. isllHHa lIHTa€? 9. ,Ue 30WHTH? 10. LIe nanKH? 1. e? 2. Qe siKllo? 3. ' I~ 4. lI,e wacpa? 5. Xro TYT? 6. lIe (TYJll'II ' TH? 7. lle cry,neHTKp?

4. Tn (tlHTaTH), a H (CJIYxaTH). 5. 51 (lIHTaTH), a im (CJly· xaTH). 6. MH (CJlyxaTlI, nHCaTH) Ii (qHTaTH). O. Read: (I) ll,e Heiwa wKMa. Tyr Haw KJlac. T YT BiKHO, a TaM JlOWKa. Ue MiA criJi. TYT M'i'rI SOWHT i MOR KHH}f{Ka. OKcaHa lIHTa€, a MM cJlYxaeMO. J:HTae TeKcr (text). 54 - lU,o ue? - A leaH cJlyxae? - TaM siKHO \In ,nomKa? - Ue wK6Jla. - Hi, sill nHwe. - TaM AOwKa. Bn TaM nHwere? - Xro TYT? - IUo ue? - Tyr AITH. - lJ,e 30WHT. _. TaK, n"meMO. - niTH lIHTalOTb? 4HA ue 30lllHT? - Hi, SOHH cJlYxalOTb.

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