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In general, scooping of soil samples has been found to yield results comparable to weighed samples in repeated analyses of the same soil sample. G. Laboratory Factors 1. Extraction Reagents Many of the extraction reagents currently in use today (Jones, 1990; 1998a; Anonymous, 1999b) reflect the history of their development and use; extraction reagents that were developed for specific applications in the 1940s and SL5336Ch02Frame Page 26 Tuesday, May 1, 2001 8:06 AM 26 Laboratory Guide for Conducting Soil Tests and Plant Analysis 1950s are now considered standard procedures for the determination of one or more nutrient elements.

25 for the sandy soils found mostly in the southeastern coastal plain area of the United States. The design of the scoop itself is an important factor that can affect the ability of the scoop to deliver the same “estimated” weight of sample each time. In general, a scoop whose radius is equal to its height is more consistent in its delivery than a scoop whose height is greater than its radius. 18 as those whose height and radius are approximately equal. Soil aliquot transfer to a saturation or extracting vessel is commonly done by weighing.

5. 4. 3. 4 Regression line for the relationship between pH-CaCl2 and pH-KCl. Stir the soil and 1 N KCl slurry. Lower the electrodes into the soil–1 N KCl slurry so that the electrode tips are at the soil–water interface. While stirring the soil–1 N KCl slurry, read the pH and record to the nearest tenth of a pH unit. , 1998). 3. pH Determination Using Indicators The use of litmus paper and pH indicators (dyes) was the common procedure for determining the soil pH before the glass electrode pH meter was developed.

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