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Whereas i do not are looking to flip humans clear of this booklet, i need to show that the various recipes during this publication (like DOM manipulation, Ajax, styling, etc.) might be performed extra simply utilizing a framework like jQuery. i assume this is why i used to be a bit of disillusioned through this publication; many of the issues it accomplishes may be solved utilizing a number of strains of jQuery.
I gave it 5 out of 5 stars for 2 purposes: to begin with, it does offer a few first-class examples, specifically in departments the place jQuery isn't really all that important like string manipulation and arrays. The date manipulation recipes are very precious in addition. Secondly, i did not imagine it was once reasonable to offer it something reduce simply because i do not use all the fabric in it. i am convinced that at last i'm going to turn out doing a little type of uncooked DOM manipulation with out jQuery, no matter if it's with Greasemonkey userscripts or on transportable units, or for extraordinarily brief scripts.
In my opinion, this publication is for somebody who's no longer utilizing jQuery (either simply because they do not are looking to or cannot) or for somebody who's constructing a JavaScript framework. i'd additionally suggest it for someone who wishes easy-to-use examples of array, string, and date manipulation.

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A number value inherits the properties and methods of the Number object, many of which are discussed in this chapter. The Math Object Available in every JavaScript context is a static Math object that provides a standard set of math constants and methods for working with numbers and trigonometry. At no time do your scripts create an instance of the Math object. It is simply “there” as a resource for your scripts to use as needed. Table 2-1 shows the properties of the Math object. All of them are well-known constants in math circles.

If you place these two values on either side of an equality (==) operator, JavaScript tries various evaluations of the values to see if there is a coincidence somewhere. In this case, the two variable values would show to be equal, and the following expression: stringA == stringB returns true. But the other type of equality operator, the strict equality operator (===), performs no data type conversions. ==) operators. = "new york") { // process incorrect entry } The same data type conversion issues apply to the inequality and strict inequality operators as to their opposite partners.

3 Testing Numeric Equality Problem You want to know whether two numeric values are equal (or not equal) before continuing processing. Solution Use the standard equality operator (==) in a conditional statement: if (firstNum == secondNum) { // OK, the number values are equal } Values on either side of the equality operator may be variables or numeric literals. Typical practice places the suspect value to the left of the operator, and the fixed comparison on the right. Discussion JavaScript has two types of equality operators.

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