Download PDF by Shelley Powers: JavaScript Cookbook (2nd Edition)

By Shelley Powers

ISBN-10: 1491902450

ISBN-13: 9781491902455

Problem fixing with JavaScript is lots trickier now that its use has extended significantly in dimension, scope, and complexity. This cookbook has your again, with recipes for universal projects around the JavaScript global, no matter if you're operating within the browser, the server, or a cellular setting. each one recipe contains reusable code and sensible recommendation for tackling JavaScript items, Node, Ajax, JSON, facts endurance, graphical and media purposes, advanced frameworks, modular JavaScript, APIs, and plenty of similar technologies.

Aimed at those who have a few event with JavaScript, the 1st half covers conventional makes use of of JavaScript, besides new rules and more advantageous performance. the second one half dives into the server, cellular improvement, and a plethora of modern instruments. You'll retailer time—and research extra approximately JavaScript within the process.

Topics include:
Classic JavaScript:
• Arrays, services, and the JavaScript Object
• getting access to the consumer interface
• checking out and accessibility
• growing and utilizing JavaScript libraries
• Client-server communique with Ajax
• wealthy, interactive net effects

JavaScript, All Blown Up:
• New ECMAScript general objects
• utilizing Node at the server
• Modularizing and dealing with JavaScript
• complicated JavaScript frameworks
• complex client-server communications
• Visualizations and client-server graphics
• cellular software improvement

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