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45 ] Our First jQuery Plugin 3. In fact, looking at the hover documentation, we see the function can also take a second argument, that is, the pointer to a function to be executed when the mouse goes off the element. text(oldTxt); }); }); }; 4. The result is somewhat better now: the text is changed when we leave the pointer on the paragraph, and is changed again to its original form once the pointer is moved away. What just happened? We might be a little more satisfied with this evolution of our plugin, even though it's far from complete.

1. txtHover = function(options) { // the rest of the code // goes here }; 2. text(oldTxt); }); }); }; 3. There's still some trouble, though: what happens if we use the debug function outside the plugin file? We expect it not to be accessible or to be somehow unusable, as we have declared it inside the plugin file and it was intended for use inside the plugin only. If we try to put a sample call right after the "document ready" statement, we can see the function to be actually accessible from everywhere in the code.

If we had used two plugins with two different functions, and had chained them, we would have seen both effects, as normally expected. 3. css({ 'color': '#123' }); [ 33 ] Plugins Basics 4. We can now try to modify the script so the plugin does not return the jQuery object. This way we cannot chain methods, as, after the first call, the other methods don't have an object to operate on. To prevent our plugin from returning the jQuery object, removing the word return is, in this case, enough. The script will run correctly and prevents the jQuery object from being returned.

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