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Mount Everest was still unclimbed . . THE BRITISH ATTEMPT - 1953 The British team were elated by the failure of the Swiss expedition. They knew 1953 was probably their last chance to win the race to the top as the Nepalese government had promised a permit to the French for 1954 and the Swiss for 1955. The British hired a new leader, army colonel John Hunt, who was a good climber and an excellent organiser. He made sure the new team did an incredible amount of preparation. Meanwhile, Tenzing wrote to Hunt to say he had recovered from the Swiss expedition.

It’s a place to buy a trekking permit, food and equipment. Many people hire a guiding company there to organise the paperwork and supplies, and to take them to the summit of Mount Everest. A guiding company can charge as much as $65 000 per person. Phew! If you want to stand on the top of the world one day – start saving that pocket money! 38 ONWARDS AND UPWARDS TO BASE CAMP From Kathmandu, most climbers take a small plane to a mountain village called Lukla. ). Lukla used to have only a few houses, where Sherpas grazed yaks (Himalayan relatives of the cow) and grew a few crops, but now it is full of lodges, hotels and restaurants.

Hold them if they fall and start to slide thousands of metres down the icy mountain. Climbers minimise the danger by making good choices, such as clipping into safety ropes where possible, and not climbing in unstable areas during the hot part of the day when melting snow might dislodge boulders or make seracs topple. Of the people who’ve died on Everest, forty-nine (nearly a third) were killed by a fall and eight died because something fell on them. 22 FREEZING Last but definitely not least, the cold air is also a killer.

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