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Programmes of moral relativism notoriously face nice problems - how can they account for our intend to make moral decisions approximately different teams and people with whom we come into clash? and the way can they enable for us to criticize the gang, set of wants, and so on to which our moral norms are acknowledged to be relative? "Integrity and ethical Relativism" develops a average model of cultural relativism which may solution those questions. After interpreting and protecting the idea of a "world-picture", and of incommensurable transformations throughout world-pictures, the e-book brings its theoretical framework including the historical past of anthropology to argue tradition is certainly the precise expression of a global photo. It then attracts on literary, philosophical and old assets to demonstrate the way Western society, particularly, comprises traditions distinguishing valid cross-cultural judgment, and bonafide from illegitimate cultural self-criticism. so long as there's a language for those chances, anyone can see ethics as culturally dependent with no compromising his or her integrity.

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When evaluating a work of art, the feeling of pleasure it ... gives me or fails to give me can form a reasonable touchstone for any judgment; when making an ethical decision, any feelings of pleasure arising from one or another alternative may be a consideration, but shouldnot be paramount; when l 26 (Lear, 1982), p. 385, and Cavell, "The Availability of Wittgenstein' s Later Philosophy," in (pitcher, 1968), pp. 160-1. ZI (Cody, 1969), pp. 14,25. NOTES ON THE GRAMMAR OF THE WORD "MISTAKE" 49 doing science, feelings of pleasure about a theory should be quite irrelevant.

This must be so, or we could not even have a language in which to discuss truths. l2 The same holds for most words, most principles, most theories. ) After we adopt a picture of the world on authority, we can 10 By deciding that her Samoan informants must be "rewriting... l08. 11 ibid. 12 "I am told, for example, that someone climbed this mountain many years ago. Do I always enquire into the reliability of the teller of this story. and whether the mountain did exist years ago? A child learns there are reliable and unreliable informants much later than it learns facts which are told it.

This is not how it is in connexion with the religious practices of a people; and what we have here is not an error. A religious symbol does not rest on any opinion. And error belongs only with opinion. Baptism as washing. -There is a mistake only if magic is presented as science. If the adoption of a child is carried out by the mother pulling the child from beneath her clothes, then it is crazy to think there is an error in this and that she believes she has borne the child.! (Wittgenstein, 1979), pp.

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