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Transparent, concise, and medical, this detailed reference deals a accomplished review of the fundamental concepts wanted for ocular exam and prognosis. Abundantly illustrated, it provides the rules of every method, offers information on picking out definitely the right strategy, explains the best way to practice them, bargains examples of whilst every one method might be used, and lists their universal symptoms and strength pitfalls.

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The condition is progressive and the prognosis for sight is poor. Aetiology: Unknown. It has been suggested that in certain cases a hypersensitivity reaction to certain drugs exists (Stevens-Johnson syndrome). A similar condition may be produced following the systemic use of certain beta-blocking agents for the treatment of systemic vascular hypertension. 36 Fig. 49. a Conjunctival pemphigoid; b Pinguecula; c an extreme case of conjunctival argyrosis; d conjunctival melanosis Degenerative diseases Pingueculae on the and are yellowish hyaline deposits conjunctiva in the appear most palpebral area, c o m m o n l y in older pa- tients who had have p r o l o n g e d exposure t o a b d i.

A Posterior cortical cataract; b cataract with water clefts; c Morgagnian hypermature cataract with nucleus fallen interiorly Fig. 82. a Diabetic cataract; b tetanic cataract; c myotonic cataract 5& Tetanic cataract results from idiopathic hypofunction or following the accidental rem o v a l of the parathyroid glands in goitre surgery. Flat lens opacities, often star- or rosette-shaped, appear under the lens capsule, particularly at the posterior pole (Fig. 82b). Myotonic cataract occurs in dystrophia m y o tonica (a hereditary disease which, apart from myotonia, is characterized b y frontal baldness, testicular atrophy and cataracts).

Stages of progression of serpiginous corneal ulcer: a corneal infiltration; b ulcer with its edge progressing to the left; c bulging of Descemet's membrane shortly before perforation; d closing of the perforation by the iris; e anterior synechiae; f corneal staphyloma 42 Fig. 61. a Initial stage of serpiginous ulcer; b advanced serpiginous ulcer with hypopyon; c corneal ulcer with hernia-like bulging of Descemet's membrane at 11 o'clock; d scar following healing of corneal ulcer Fig. 62. Serpiginous ulcer with hypopyon, view and cross-section front Posterior synechiae (adhesions between the pupil margin and the anterior capsule lens) forming as a result of the inflammat o r y process in the anterior chamber (see Fig.

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