New PDF release: Hernando De Soto And His Expeditions Across the Americas

By Janet Hubbard Brown

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In 1536, De Soto grew to become wealthy whilst he helped lead the Spanish conquest of the Inca empire in South the USA. He endured his explorations via what's this day the southern usa. a long time eight+ years.

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Nicaragua was basically a lawless country, where those in control could do as they pleased and never suffer consequences. One thing the conquistadors could not control was disease. A plague occurred in Nicaragua in the 1520s that left a huge impact on de Soto. Francisco Companon was one of the first to die when a fever struck the mines, killing vast numbers of Indians and Spaniards alike. His death was a great loss to de Soto, who considered him his closest friend. De Soto moved to León with his companion, Juana Hernandez, where they were surrounded by all the luxuries available.

Expeditions pushed farther north into Ecuador and Colombia and south into Chile. The conquistadors were unstoppable. They went into Argentina in 1536 and founded the city of Buenos Aires, and continued on into Paraguay in 1537. Most of the South American continent, Central America, Mexico, Florida (which included most of North America in the Spaniards’ minds), and Cuba were all under control of the Spanish Empire in the 1550s. Spain tried to remain in charge of all commerce within the empire, but in the 1520s England, France, and the Netherlands were starting to enter Spanish territories.

This would not be the last time that de Soto would put someone’s life in danger for his own advancement. 35 36 HERNANDO DE SOTO Test Your Knowledge 1 Why did Pedrarias Dávila have Balboa beheaded? a. Because Dávila was jealous of Balboa b. Because Balboa had committed many crimes c. Because Balboa had discovered the Pacific Ocean first d. All of the above 2 How was de Soto humiliated by Gil González Dávila? a. Dávila had de Soto brought up on false charges. b. Dávila staged two sneak attacks on de Soto, finally stealing his gold.

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