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By Rodney Collin

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But deathless she could dream of nothing but more love. And so, embracing and embraced, her soul -like a pretty ornament—turned all to glass. CHRONOS My son Epeias learned of me many things. He dreamed to tame the winds that work the universe, and turn the little windmills of men's minds. Tireless he studied, tireless observed, and came close to knowing. Voyaged the world of ideas till he found the idea of soul, and lived in that. Yet the more he learned, the more he laughed. All men seemed comic but himself.

HELLAS Do you know too? And that last hour 'fore dawn . . when the moon's gone down, dew falls, and a terrible chill comes up from caverns beneath the earth. Then the hand of death seems laid on all the world. All's damp and darkness. One huddles within one's cloak. striving to fight off the dank of death, and cherish within one's breast the last spark left from daylight. That too was fearful, granny. . THE OLD WOMAN [soothing] Ay, child, 'tis fearful . . but 'tis over now. HELLAS Yes, yes, 'tis over.

It is very tender, very tragic, all the moods of a woman's life—dream, virginity, longing and fear, ecstasy, child­ bearing, motherhood, loss and loneliness—yet no more than an echo. It is true, a spell of gentleness and sleep is woven over everything. HELLAS You like them? They're from Lesbos. PLATO It is beautiful, but I prefer you alone. Hellas claps her hands again, and the girls are gone. HELLAS There! as you wish! Plato kisses her gently. Then he draws back to his own couch soberly. PLATO To-morrow at dawn they take Socrates.

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