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In response to a overview of fabrics saved within the Herbarium of the Komarov Botanical Institute of St. Petersburg, Russia, this paintings is a part of a chain anticipated to be a 20-volume complete taxonomic account of crops of the imperative Asian floristic zone of Mongolia and China. This quantity is devoted to the genus Astralagus L.

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Certain fungi may have components not mentioned above. For example, mannose is found in the cell walls of yeasts. Xylose and fucose are found in some basidiomycetes. Galactose and galactosamine may be found in the walls of some fungi. The structural features of the cell wall require studies with the electron microscope. These studies are useful for learning about the development of the cell wall. In some fungi, the em. studies have shown the cell wall to consist of 2 or 3 layers of unknown composition.

This was because the diploid nucleus is larger than the haploid somatic nucleus, whose chromosomes frequently approach in size the limits of resolution of the light microscope. As a consequence of this basic difficulty imposed by the small size of the somatic nucleus, it is not surprising that there are conflicting opinions in the literature about the mitotic process in fungal somatic cells. In some cases spindles have been reported; in other cases, spindles are absent. In the single species, Neuwspora crassa, an ascomycete, 3 methods for the division of the somatic nucleus have been reported - and it is conceivable that under certain conditions and locations more than one type of division may occur.

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