Thomas Claudius Huber's Getting Started with TypeScript : Includes Introduction to PDF

By Thomas Claudius Huber

The adoption of TypeScript is expanding and as a major developer you'll have that language certainly on your pocket!

Join Thomas during this booklet to profit the TypeScript language. when you organize your surroundings you wake up to hurry with easy kinds, interfaces, periods, capabilities, modules, decorators and also you construct sleek, component-based web-applications with Angular and rock-solid TypeScript code.

This e-book is dependent into twelve chapters:
1. Introduction
2. constructing Your Environment
3. utilizing TypeScript
4. simple Types
5. Var, allow and Const
6. Interfaces and Classes
7. Generics
8. Functions
9. Modules
10. Decorators
11. statement Files
12. Angular with TypeScript

Now we could study TypeScript, so you might construct your subsequent javascript-based program with this remarkable, renowned language.

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Declare Variables Variable declarations with let and const are similar to variable declarations with var. Instead of using the var-keyword like here var firstName: string = "T homas" you just use the let or const keyword let firstName: string = "T homas" const nonChangeableFirstName: string = "Julia" But what are the differences? Let’s look at some differences between var and let before we look at const -variables. Function-scoped vs. Block-scoped Variables declared with the var-keyword are function-scoped.

When it comes to functions, the this-keyword is quite important, it has usually the context of the function, but what is it pointing to when you use a function inside of a class? Is it the class-instance or the function? You learn about this and functions, and also about arrow functions that solve the this-problem. The last thing you learn in this chapter are asynchronous functions in TypeScript with the keywords you’re a C# programmer, this last section with async and await might look quite familiar to you.

When you create an array, you can iterate over the values of that array with a for-of-loop. If you need a kind of fixed array with different types in it, you can use a tuple. TypeScript supports enums. With an enum, you can give friendly names to a set of numbers. When you need to run dynamic code that is not known at compile-time, you can use the any -type. If you know better than the TypeScript compiler what kind of object a variable will contain at runtime, you can use a type assertion with the as-operator.

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Getting Started with TypeScript : Includes Introduction to Angular by Thomas Claudius Huber

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