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By Andrew Watson

ISBN-10: 0473188384

ISBN-13: 9780473188382

The GDL instruction manual explains the way to take the GDL syntax (as offered in Graphisoft's GDL Reference guide) and use it successfully. It bargains transparent instructions for either the beginner and skilled consumer that might speed up studying and aid to prevent universal pitfalls. Use this source to by-pass the soreness of trial and mistake and to augment your GDL programming skills.

A choice of useful assets is gifted. know about macros, variables, operators, expressions, strings, the stack, loops, sub-routines, 2nd & 3D components, teams and stable aspect operations, in addition to utilizing textual content, pictures and the consumer interface. notice vital effects and algorithms from a number of disciplines together with curve approximation, linear algebra, complicated changes and polygon operations. become aware of concepts for winning improvement, together with effective scripting kinds, optimization innovations, quality controls, making plans and chance administration.

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1 Mixed-Type Arrays One of the cool things about GDL arrays is that the elements of the array variable can hold data of different types. In other words, one element of an array might be text, the next an integer, and the third a real number. 34 Chapter 3: Variables - Array and Vector Variables Note that this applies only to variables initialized within a GDL script. It does not apply to variables assigned to variables in the Parameters list. Try it Yourself: Create an Array that holds Elements of Different Types To see how this works, type the following script fragment into the 3D Script of a new GDL object.

If the values differ it returns 1 (true). Otherwise it returns 0 (false). As with the equals operator, the inequality operator cannot be used to directly compare two real numbers. Instead, we must test whether the absolute value of the difference is significant. The following line of GDL script demonstrates how to check for inequality in the case of strings, integers and real numbers. ” endif See how real variables must be treated differently to integers and text string variables. Very fussy creatures.

Similarly a Barrel Bridge object might have one set of parameters prefixed barrel to control the shape of the barrel, another set prefixed board that control the boards used to construct the barrel, and a third set prefixed beam that control the supporting beams. Counter variables used in loops are often named i, j or k, or are prefixed with one of these characters. Whenever you see such a variable your first assumption should be that it is a counter variable. ). Dynamic hotspots must be given a unique index, so I use an integer variable iHotspot as a counter for this purpose.

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