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By Laurie J. Fundukian (Project Editor)

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If nerves or tendons have been injured, a surgeon may be needed to complete the repair. The laceration is cleaned by removing any foreign material or debris. Removing foreign objects from penetrating wounds can sometimes cause bleeding, so this type of wound must be cleaned very carefully. The wound is then irrigated with saline solution and a disinfectant. The disinfecting agent may be mild soap or a commercial preparation. An antibacterial agent may be applied. Once the wound has been cleansed, the physician anesthetizes the area of the repair by injecting a local anesthetic.

Conversely, in cases of viral hepatitis, the liver enzymes AST and ALT are greatly increased over the LDH. Breastfeeding provides a baby with nutrition in the form of breast milk. Not only does breast milk contain all the nutrients needed by a rapidly developing newborn, but it also contains antibodies that provide the baby with additional protection from common early childhood diseases. Precautions Most common illnesses cannot be transmitted via breast milk. However, some viruses, including HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) can be passed in breast milk; for this reason, women who are HIV-positive should not breastfeed.

12(6) (November 2009): 565–74. , and Donna L. Furman. ’’ Breastfeeding Medicine. 5 (February 2010): 17–23. org. org. Nadine M. M. Lactic acid test Definition Lactic acid is an acid produced by cells during chemical processes in the body that do not require oxygen (anaerobic metabolism). Anaerobic metabolism occurs only when too little oxygen is present for the more usual aerobic metabolism (oxygen requiring). Lactic acid is a contributing factor in muscle cramps. It is also produced in tissues when conditions such as heart attack or shock reduce the blood supply responsible for carrying oxygen.

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