New PDF release: From Flower to Fruit

By Anne Ophelia Dowden

ISBN-10: 0690044038

ISBN-13: 9780690044034

Anne Ophelia Dowden meticulously describes and images, in full-color
paintings and delightful black-and-white drawings, the fantastic number of
fruits made through flowering plants.
Using specimens she has accumulated from world wide, she explains
how fertilization happens, how seeds are produced, and the way plants mature
into end result. listed below are over one hundred fifty fruit forms—from dry seed pods akin to the
lily and milkweed, with its tufted seeds, to hard-shelled nuts like hickory
and acorn, and the popular fleshy end result of the cherry, blackberry, cucum
ber, and fig.
Ms. Dowden's minutely designated illustrations and lucid, designated textual content show
the tricky internal strategies of existence in its such a lot elemental seen shape.

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To release the ripe seeds, or remain closed so that the young plants have to penetrate the fruit walls grow. " Botanists call them all fruits, grouping them according to type and giving names to the groups tion that What is is —a system of rather complicated and interesting is the classifica- not very interesting. enormous number of ways in which the basic flower parts of various plants develop into a multitude of differing but efficient seed envelopes. These variations, with their endless surprises, are well tigating, we go and we may as well learn their scientific names as along.

Upper forms, with fruit the fruit split is ripe, as in down Sometimes, tips, develop into the most many methods of Sometimes the carpels merely separate from times the carpels iris pistils mountain laurel. Some- the centers of their backs, as in as in campion, they separate only so that the fruits look like little at vases with small openings at the top through which the seeds can be shaken out. The poppy under the edges of its fruit has very small holes hidden cap (the remains of the stigma), and tiny black seeds escape through these holes like grains a saltshaker.

Fff, V. Ripe J mi ts SPIRAEA or to spiny, as in jimsonweed. Other parts of the flower, especially the calyx become important The and the receptacle, may parts of the fruit. simplest fruits, of course, are those that develop from single carpels. But single-carpel do not by any means fruits follow the same patterns as they grow. a cluster of five separate one-carpel contains a pericarp number of splits called a. seeds. from top the seeds are free to is join the ovary to fall to When A all spiraea flower has pistils, and each pistil they are ripe, each dry bottom down its inside seam, and from the opening.

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