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During this booklet, the next 3 techniques to information research are provided: - attempt thought, based through Sergei V. Yablonskii (1924-1998); the 1st guides seemed in 1955 and 1958,- tough units, based through Zdzisław I. Pawlak (1926-2006); the 1st guides seemed in 1981 and 1982,- Logical research of information, based by way of Peter L.

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71 % at 22 DAF. While QGpc1D was identified in three filling stages, and QGpc4A-1 and QGpc4A-2 could be detected in two stages, but the residue individual QTL only was found in one stage. The number of QTLs detected in different stages showed some differences. There were four unconditional QTLs at 12 DAF and 27 DAF, while three QTLs were detected in each other three stages. The number was more than that identified at mature, which indicated that the expression of gene/QTL was different in different filling stages.

These QTL might be located in the same or a similar position. The numbers and types of Wx protein can cause changes in the amylose, amylopectin contents, thus causing changes in grain starch content. The Wx protein was controlled by genes located on the 4A, 7A, and 7D chromosomes. We can infer that an inevitable connection exists in genes controlling Wx protein and starch synthese, because one gene controls the Wx protein on the 4A chromosome. 3 Conditional QTL Mapping for Protein and Starch Interaction in Wheat Grain Protein and starch are the principal components of wheat endosperm and are responsible for wheat end-use quality.

The major QTL identified in this analysis are significantly important for molecular marker-assisted breeding. 2 9 Conditional QTL Mapping for Associated Traits Genetic Effects QTL mappings of two closely related, but independent traits refer to associated QTL. , the 1000 grain weight) negatively. Understanding the relationships among these traits is crucial to the crop breeding programs in order to gain high yield and good quality. Attempts to pinpoint the basis of positively and/or negatively correlated traits have been made by plant geneticists and breeders.

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