Col. John Lycas's Engineering Design Handbook - Explosives Series, Explosive PDF

By Col. John Lycas

ISBN-10: 1613440030

ISBN-13: 9781613440032

This 1974 instruction manual was once ready as an reduction to ammunition designers, scientists, and engineers at the theoretical and sensible info relating explosive trains. It contains attention of many of the components which, in massive edition, may possibly represent the explosive educate of an merchandise. the most cost of an explosive merchandise, akin to projectile or warhead filler, is usually lined. information are given at the actual and explosive features of ordinary explosives and references are mentioned during which extra info are chanced on. insurance contains improvement of the total explosive educate, from parts appropriate for initiation of the explosive response to the advertising of potent functioning of the ultimate, output point. the character of the explosive response, approach to move of detonation and size of output are mentioned. layout rules and information touching on primers, detonators, hold up parts, leads, boosters, major fees and really good explosive components are coated. the consequences of environmental stipulations and steps to be taken to prevent problems are mentioned.

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The latter have made significant contributions in the determination of optimum conditions for the most rapid growth of detonation in some of the more sensitive secondary high explosives. Experiments similar t o that illustrated in Fig. 2-2 have been carried o u t with columns of PETN, RDX and HMX. A refinement was the use of coaxial ionization probes that could be fed in through small radial holes at fairly frequent intervals along the length without unduly affecting the confinement. Velocity measurements obtained with these probes, and oscilloscopes and timers established the correlation between bore deformation and propagation velocity.

A reasonable course for an explosive charge designer, confronted with a possible aerodynamic heating problem, might be as follows: 1. 3 ACCELERATION As vehicles, ammunition items must, of course, be accelerated. In some instances the magnitudes of the accelerations are great. To the designer of explosive charges, accelerations are a source of structural loading which applies inherently to all masses including that of the explosive material. Accelerations associated with changes in the momentum along the line of flight are always variable, usually impulsive, while centrifugal accelerations of spin-stabilized projectiles remain nearly steady during the time of flight.

Weld them together and change their temperature and we have a thermal generator. Every spark plug, every switch, every thunderstorm, and all the stars keep broadcasting transients. Hence, all ammunition has, as does everything else, all sorts of small currents running through it at random at all times. In general, these currents remain so small as to have negligible heating effect. Under certain conditions, fairly high currents are possible. Electrostatic discharges and surges due to nearby strokes of lightning can also develop appreciable currents.

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