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There's a fairly excessive use of complementary and substitute medication (CAM), specially supplements, between individuals with a number of sclerosis (MS). health and wellbeing pros with CAM details can increase the standard of sufferer care by means of guiding sufferers clear of potentially destructive treatments and, if applicable, in the direction of low-risk, almost certainly potent remedies.

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L’auriculothérapie et l’auriculomédecine constituent deux concepts de soins médicaux, référencées comme des thérapies complémentaires et classées dans le groupe de l’acupuncture, même si leur approche n’est pas reliée � los angeles Médecine Traditionnelle Chinoise. L’auriculothérapie, correspondance des organes du corps et du pavillon de l’oreille, est fondée sur des techniques explicables par l. a. physiologie.

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Destiné avant tout aux membres du corps médical ainsi qu’aux étudiants en réflexothérapies (l’acupuncture d’origine chinoise, l’auriculothérapie d’origine française et d’autres techniques), cet ouvrage, `travers une approche résolument facile d’accès, présente les rappels de physiologie indispensables pour l. a. pratique de ces disciplines thérapeutiques.

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The liquid is also useful as a wash for ulcers and sores and as a gargle for the throat and mouth. down to AMMONIACUM Also known as Persian Gum Ammoniacum. Botanical name: Dorema Ammoniacum. and reported uses: This is a gum resin that is a natural exudation from the plant and serves as a stimulant, Ejfect causing removal of the secretions of the bronchial passages. The gum, ounce in powdered form, is to a pint of boiling water. steeped in hot water, one Of particular value is the use of this preparation in asthmatic conditions involving spasms of the bronchial passages, modic in as this herb is antispas- its eflFect.

It is known is to expel as a stimulating expectorant of the stimulating effect of the herb valuable for coughs and bronchitis cough medicines. Externally, wounds, mucus from the it throat because upon the tissues. It and is often used may be is in applied directly to sores or other ailments or sores of tissues. It is an antiseptic as well as a stimulant. BERBERIS Botanical name: Berberis aristata. Effects used and reported uses: This has been commonly The this herb is similar to the herb Golden Seal.

ASAFETIDA Devil's Also Dung, Food of the Gods known as Gum Asafetida, ASAFETIDA 40 Botanical name: Umbelliferae, Ferula foetida Kegel, Ferula Assa-foetida Linne. Habitat: Persia (Iran) and Afghanistan. It is also grown in India. Growth needs: Hot climate, sandy soil and fair amount of moisture. Description: rhizome ( A short perennial herb, with a conical erect stem between root and leaves ) The stem . is green The leaves are divided into three distinct segments (temate). The flowers are yellow.

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