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The statement of the scaling houses of the constitution services w and vw of deep inelastic electron 1 2 nucleon scattering [1]+ has been taken via many folks as a sign for an approximate scale invariance of the area. It used to be mentioned via Wilson [2], that during many box theories it truly is attainable to assign a size d to each basic box, which proves to be a conserved quantum quantity so far as the main singular time period of an operator product enlargement at small distances ((x-y) +a) is con- JJ cerned++. Later it was once proven, on the canonical point, that during many box theories the size of a box appears to be like a c:pod quantum quantity even within the phrases much less singular at small (x-y) , so long as all of them belong to the most powerful \l mild cone singularity (i. e. (x-y)2+a) [3]. the idea that this kind of scale invariance at the gentle cone be found in the operator product ex­ pansion of 2 electromagnetic currents has supplied us with a slightly ordinary rationalization of the saw scaling phenomena. we must always wish to point out, besides the fact that, that this ex­ planation can't account for the precocity with which scaling is being saw experimentally in strength areas, within which resonances nonetheless supply in demand contributions to the ultimate states [4].

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Here the atoms and molecules can be polarized over relatively large distances because of the long range character of the Coulomb forces. This complicates the numerical calculations very much. On the other hand no extremely strong two-particle-correlatio ns exist now for small particle distances. In solid state physics we have to treat systems which contain an infinite number of particles - resp. excitation quanta. Therefore if one wants to apply the formalism discussed here to solid state physics one has to take into account that the trial functions $k in w (see Eq.

E). ,J Using (62) one obtains then from the asymptotic be- (60) for the phase factor A. which multiplies haviour of Eq. J the outgoing partial wave of total spin j+: 2i A. o! (E) J {e J = e 2i o ~(E) J { + 1 i r . (E) J EC -E-ll. (E) -1/2 if . (E) J J EC 1 -E-ll. (E) +1/2 if. (E) EC 1 -E-ll. (E) -1/2 i J r. J } (63a) } (E) with ll j (E) r. J (E) (63b) ~The relation between the scattering amplitude J. and A. is given as well known by Jj 1 2i (Aj-1) J J 35 2i oj(E) where e is the phasefactor of the outgoing asymptotic wave w 0' 0 ~t(E) t without resonance scattering, ,J asymp .

The most simple model for the description of the electrons in a conductor. In the ground state all single particle states which have momenta lying inside the Fermi sphere are filled (see Fig. 3A). 27 If this system as a whole is now given a small velocity fiv the Fermi sphere is shifted so that its centre is no longer at the origin (see Fig. 38). The change relative to the situation in Fig. 3A is a collective excitation in which each fermion receives a small change in momentum mfiv. A B c Fig. 3: Example of equivalence under antisymmetrization.

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