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This booklet makes a speciality of brought plant species: their origins and affects on local crops and ecosystems in addition to the opportunity of their regulate. geared toward complicated scholars and land managers desirous about plant group conservation, it contains sensible reasons, case stories and an creation to easy recommendations for comparing the affects of invasive vegetation.

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One of these terms is ‘aliens’, which has been tainted by its use in the science fiction literature to mean strange and often threatening. Human immigrants to new countries are also called aliens and, particularly in cases of illegal immigration, this term can have negative political overtones. Some feel that a negative reaction to introduced plants is exacerbated by using the term aliens and that this reaction is akin to racism (Kendle and Rose 2000). Similarly, ‘exotic’ is another term in common usage for introduced plants, and this also implies difference from the norm.

26). 8). 7. Invasion of Eurasian milfoil across the state of Wisconsin by year and as the percentage of lakes invaded in counties. After Buchan and Padilla (2000). 8. Invasion of Eurasian milfoil through an area of Lake George, New York between 1987 and 1997. Data from Charles W. Boylen. 7 · Illustrating spread – Japanese knotweed as an invasive species. Japanese knotweed, Fallopia japonica, was introduced to Britain in 1825 as an ornamental but has been described as the ‘most pernicious weed in Britain’ (Coleshaw 2001).

Vitousek et al. (1996) and citations therein, 3. Wagner et al. (1990), 4. Taylor and MacBryde (1977), 5. Rejm´anek and Randell (1994), 6. OTA (1993), 7. Naylor (2000), 8. Le Floc’h et al. (1990), 9. Quezel et al. (1990), 10. Vila et al. (2001), 11. Dafni and Heller (1990), 12. Scherer-Lorenzen et al. (2000), 13. Williamson (2002), 14. Weber (1999), 15. Heywood (1989), 16. Gordon (1998), 17. html 18. html The New Zealand Biosecurity Act (New Zealand Government 1993) legislates the eradication or effective management of pests and unwanted organisms already in the country, as well as requiring that all non-native plants and other species be prevented from entering the country.

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