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By Thom Holmes

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This paintings lines the beginnings of the human species, its good fortune and flexibility, and the improvement of such options as human language and tradition.

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The Acheulean tools apply this superior technology to many of the basic functions found in the older Oldowan tool kit: scrapers, choppers, and cutters. In addition, Acheulean technology could fashion points that were used in hand axes—axes that are held in the hand without a handle. Acheulean tools are found at many H. erectus sites ranging from southern and eastern Africa to Asia and Indonesia. In 1948, after studying the occurrence of tool artifacts including Acheulean tools, American anthropologist Hallam L.

In 1948, after studying the occurrence of tool artifacts including Acheulean tools, American anthropologist Hallam L. Movius (1907–1987) proposed an imaginary line across northern India that marked a difference between the technology found in Africa, Europe, and central Asia and the technology found eastern Asia. To the west of the line were found hand axes and chopping tools; to the east, only chopping tools were found. What is interesting for this discussion is that the so-called Movius Line also represents the widespread migration of Archeulean tools with their respective H.

Furthermore, it appears that even the earliest Oldowan toolmakers held onto their tools and carried them from place to place, leaving clues to their presence in numerous locations throughout eastern and southern Africa. 6 million years ago, another tool kit of early humans appears. Called Acheulean tools after a fossil site in France, these were the first stone tools to use bifacial flaking—the process of carefully flaking two sides of a stone to produce a sharp edge, or point, where the edges of the flakes meet.

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