Drawing Interior Architecture by Norman Diekman PDF

By Norman Diekman

ISBN-10: 0823071596

ISBN-13: 9780823071593

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The lat- essential for measuring existing spaces, and investing in a good quality make such tasks pocket steel tape is also often handy for taking full-size mea- folding rule will easier. A is parallel straightedge drafting rule (top) has largely replaced the traditional T-square. variety of measuring scales and rules (bot- tom) each have special functions. until a specific need. It is not good practice to use the edge of a scale to draw along; the edge may not be smooth enough and will quickly become dirty and worn if used this way.

Each paper has a characteristic degree sketch produced, as often as not, at a luncheon meeting with a client where a napkin or mat may be the only paper of opacity or transparency, a particular to porosity, and a special surface or acts with ink or "tooth" affecting the or other way pencil, pen, medium will react with it. work consumes paper Since design in an important issue, and it may be disturbing to discover that most papers of moderate price have poor lasting qualities. Ordinary paper is made from wood pulp, and acids left in the paper during manufacturing gradually attack the paper fibers, causing them to turn yellow or brown, to crack and crumble, and, eventually, to disintegrate.

It is vital to have room for sheets up to 24 x 36 inches, and larger sheets are needed for perspective drawings and full-size furniture drawings. A 30 x 50-inch board should be obtained if at all possi- according to the directions for the par- side table, stand, or artist's taboret to type used. space and budget permit, a drawing table with its own base may be selected. Various features are available, such as height and tilt adjustment, foldability, or even powered adjustments. In any case, it is important to make sure that the support is sturdy and that adjustments will not slip.

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Drawing Interior Architecture by Norman Diekman

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