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With DOM Enlightenment, you’ll the best way to control HTML extra successfully via scripting the record item version (DOM) with out a DOM library. utilizing code examples in cookbook sort, writer Cody Lindley (jQuery Cookbook) walks you thru smooth DOM recommendations to illustrate how a variety of node items work.

Over the previous decade, builders have buried the DOM below frameworks that simplify its use. This publication brings those instruments again into concentration, utilizing techniques and code local to trendy browsers. You’ll comprehend the position jQuery performs in DOM scripting, and tips on how to use the DOM without delay in functions for cellular units and particular browsers that require low overhead.
* comprehend JavaScript node items and their dating to the DOM
* examine the houses and techniques of rfile, aspect, textual content, and DocumentFragment gadgets
* Delve into aspect node picking out, geometry, and inline types
* upload CSS type sheets to an HTML rfile and use CSSStyleRule items
* organize DOM occasions by utilizing various code styles
* research the author’s imaginative and prescient for dom.js, a jQuery-inspired DOM Library for contemporary browsers

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2 HTML*Element Object Properties and Methods (Including Inherited) To get accurate information pertaining to the available properties and methods on an HTML*Element node, it’s best to ignore the specification and to ask the browser what is available. Examine the arrays created in the following code detailing the properties and methods available from HTML element nodes. sort()); Many properties are available, even if the inherited properties were not considered. Here is a list of noteworthy properties and methods (including inherited) that I handpicked for the context of this chapter: • createElement() • tagName • children • getAttribute() • setAttribute() • hasAttribute() • removeAttribute() • classList() • dataset • attributes For a complete list, check out the MDN documentation, which covers the general prop‐ erties and methods available to most HTML elements.

9 Extracting Parts of the DOM Tree as JavaScript Strings Exactly the same properties (innerHTML, outerHTML, textContent) that we use to create and add nodes to the DOM can also be used to extract parts of the DOM (or really, the entire DOM) as a JavaScript string. In the following code example, I use these properties to return a string value containing text and HTML values from the HTML document. ' Note The textContent, innerText, and outerText properties, when being read, will return all the text nodes contained within the selected node.

To convert an array-like list to a true JavaScript array we pass the array-like list to call() or apply(), in which the call() or apply() is calling a method that returns an unaltered true JavaScript array. slice() method, which doesn’t really slice anything; I am just using it to convert the list to a JavaScript Array since the slice() returns an array. , arguments, NodeList, DOMTokenList [used by classList], and Name dNodeMap [used by the attributes property]) into a new Array() and returns it.

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