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During this ebook, the next 3 techniques to facts research are provided: - try idea, based via Sergei V. Yablonskii (1924-1998); the 1st guides seemed in 1955 and 1958,- tough units, based by means of Zdzisław I. Pawlak (1926-2006); the 1st courses seemed in 1981 and 1982,- Logical research of information, based by way of Peter L.

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In the European context, however, and with an eye to the single market, it would be useful for those in charge of inspection at the various levels to expand their knowledge by learning about: - the structure and organization of inspection departments in Member States other than their own, and the thinking behind them; specific problems in each Member State and how they are being tackled; - the rationalized techniques developed to this end; - the principles behind the various national legislations.

The legislator and the food industry have a common enemy: it is the power, the terrorism, of beliefs, of food myths. People believe in the superiority of ‘natural 38 Opening session [Pt. I foods’ and preach the abandon of the modern technology of our industrialized society to return to a wild, healthy existence as in the prehistoric days. People brandish the dangers of chemicals in foods, they are afraid of food additives. People are afraid and they frighten others - about irradiation, about biotechnology .

41 Directive 89/397/EEC: Assessment and outlook 45 some national legislations did not even provide for monitoring of foodstuffs not intended for domestic consumption. In addition, products subject to a dispute in a Member State of destination might be held up until the problem was settled, or sent back to the consigner, with all the awkward consequences which that entails. The removal of intra-Community barriers will put an end to any national controls liable to hamper free movement. Checks on foodstuffs carried out by importing Member States will be replaced by checks carried out by the public authorities in the manufacturing Member State on the basis of standardized Community criteria and intended primarily to ascertain whether national requirements in matters of wholesomeness and consumer protection are met.

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