New PDF release: Design for Communality and Privacy

By Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (auth.), Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1461328535

ISBN-13: 9781461328537

ISBN-10: 1461328551

ISBN-13: 9781461328551

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We don't yet know how our synergic society will look like, but we can articulate some principles to begin the process of its design. DESIGNED COMMUNALITY 37 TOWARD A FRAMEWORK FOR SYNERGIC DESIGN Human evolution proceeds by challenges and responses. This is the reason why the Chinese iconograph for danger means opportunity as well. Synergic designs have been reactions transcending individual or disciplinary interests. Challenged by the outcome to the Sputnik, we landed on the moon because of synergy between our competing Armed Forces, forced to cooperate in the design of NASA.

W. 12. Coulter, N. A. Synepgetics: An Adventupe in Human Development. Englewood Cliffs, N. : Prentice Hall, 1976. Morality and planning. and Theopies, 1976, 10: 165-181. ESSER 46 13. Colman, A. D. Irrational aspects of design. 161-176. 14. Craig, J. H. and M. Environment Systems, 1973, 3: Man- Synergic Power: Beyond Domination and Permissiveness. : Pro-active Press, 1974. 15. Davis, G. and Altman, I. Territories at the workplace: Theory into design guidelines. Man-Environment Systems, 1976, 6: 46-53.

Much of design for anonymity has been brought about inadvertently by the sheer mass of urban building, but conscious design for anonymity is developing. 8 Then some feeling for community was obtained from what has been called "defended neighborhoods" (57), where exclusive behaviors (restrictive zoning, vigilante patrols and other ad-hoc reactions) and territorial expressions remain the only substitutes for the loss of primary social bonds. Although the defended neighborhood may be viewed as a creative response, especially in the inner city poverty zones, the term reveals its essentially conservative function, which can lead to stereotyped behavior, counterproductive for the city as a whole.

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Design for Communality and Privacy by Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (auth.), Aristide H. Esser, Barrie B. Greenbie (eds.)

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