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By Rosemary Kilmer

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Строительные чертежи и детали для интерьеров

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Specification Types Specifications should complement the construction drawings, not duplicate them. Their main purpose is to describe the type and quality of materials and finishes; quality and method of construction and installation; acceptable testing methods; alternate provisions; and warranties and their requirements. Specifications are referred to as “closed” or “open” for bidding purposes. “Closed” means no product can be used on the project other than what is specified. Open specifications allow for the substitution of products specified, or for the contractor to suggest a number of prod- Specifications Specifications are written documents that clearly describe the required materials, requirements for the execution of the work, and ucts for the item that is specified or being bid on.

Object lines: show major outlines of building elements or objects. • Hidden lines: indicate areas or objects not visible on the surface, or objects hidden behind others. They are also used to show objects above the cutting plane of a floor plan, such as wall cabinets, beams, arches, etc. • Centerlines: locate the symmetrical center of objects such as windows, doors, beams, and walls. Figure 3-7 These are common • Dimension lines and extension lines: indicate the physical dimensions of objects.

Drafting is usually a means to an end; that is, it serves as a guide on how to make something. For these reasons, drafting is founded on a number of basic premises and rules. A draftsperson’s specialized drawings, generally referred to as working drawings or construction drawings, help the designer to develop ideas and communicate to the builder the exact parameters of their design concepts — assisting in the construction of a physical interior environment or building (Figure 3-2). Construction drawings require a great deal of effort to draw, as they must be clear, concise, and accurate, with high-quality lines and legible dimensions and notes.

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