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By Yamin Li, Tsinghua University Press

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ISBN-13: 9781118841099

Makes use of Verilog HDL to demonstrate desktop structure and microprocessor layout, permitting readers to effectively simulate and alter the operation of every layout, and therefore construct industrially suitable abilities- Introduces the pc rules, machine layout, and the way to exploit Verilog HDL (Hardware Description Language) to enforce the layout- offers the abilities for designing processor/arithmetic/cpu chips, together with the original software of Verilog HDL fabric for CPU (central processing unit) implementation- regardless of the various books on Verilog and computing device structure and microprocessor layout, few, if any, use Verilog as a key software in assisting a scholar to appreciate those layout innovations- A significant other site comprises colour figures, Verilog HDL codes, additional try benches now not present in the e-book, and PDFs of the figures and simulation waveforms for teachers

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Commonly, the L1 on-chip cache consists of separated instruction cache and data cache, but the L2 on-chip cache is shared by instructions and data. 8 Real address TLB maps virtual address to physical address The register file can be considered as the topmost level of the memory hierarchy. It has a small capacity but the highest speed. The hard disk is at the bottom position of the memory hierarchy. In addition to storing files, the hard disk provides a large space for implementing the virtual memory.

You can see that your personal computer is not a computer, but is a computer system. A high-end mobile phone can also be considered as a computer system. The computer and I/O devices belong to computer hardware. Therefore, we can say that a computer system consists of the computer hardware and the computer software (and a power supply). 2 A Brief History of the Computer One of the earliest machines designed to assist people in calculations was said to be the Abacus, which was invented about 4400 years ago and is still being used by merchants, traders, and clerks in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere.

You see that, even if you do not understand the low level of the circuit design, you can design hardware, just as you can develop software in C or Java although you do not know the assembly programming languages. 14 shows the simulation waveform of the counter using the ModelSim, a powerful HDL simulator. The output signal, my_counter, is denoted in hexadecimal numbers. Counting happens on the clock rising edges when enable is a 1. vhdl) that does the same work above. The Verilog HDL is said to be like the programming language C and VHDL is like C++, but actually it is more like Ada.

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