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Describes the sand foundry, the features of molding sand, the categories of mildew and development making apparatus, and many of the sand casting systems for forming metals.

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This characteristicof a core mix is called its collapsibility. The size and pouring temperature of a casting determines how well and how long the core will stay together. A core for a light aluminum casting must collapse much more readily than a core used in steel, because of the different time, weight and heats involved. Core sand, like molding sand, must have the proper permeability for the job intended. The gases generated within the core during pouring must be vented to the outside of the mold preventing gas porosity and a defect known as a core blow.

If it is a split pattern wood dowels are used for pins and fit into holes drilled into the rnatchinghalf. This type of pattern is called a "Medium Pattern". A core is a preformed baked sand or green sand aggregate inserted in a mold to shape the interior part of a casting which cannot be shaped by the pattern. CORE PRINT '&I+ PARTING SECTION THROUGH CASTING SPLIT PATTERN DRAG DRY SAND CORE PATTERN MOLD A > Fin 5-Cl Cnm orints. Fig. 5-10. Selfcoring pattem. When a pattern requires a core a projection must be made on the pattern, this projection forms an impression in the sand of the mold in which to locate the core and hold it during the casting.

This type of pattern is only used for huge castings. See Fig. 5-17. Expendable Pattern As in Lost Wax casting the pattern is lost. Expendable patterns for sand casting are styrofoam which is shaped to the desired form with attached styrofoarn gates, runners and risers. The styrofonn pattern is molded with dry clay-free sharp silica sand in a box or steel frame. The pattern is vaporized by the metal poured into the mold, leaving the casting. Card of Patterns When several different loose gated patterns are assembled as a unit to be all molded in the same flask this arrangement is called a card of patterns.

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