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This quantity includes the court cases of the 1st assembly of the Avicenna research workforce. all the papers provides the newest learn conclusions in its respective subject. those conclusions comprise new insights into Avicenna's revision of Aristotle and Plotinus, particular parts of his theories of psychology and metaphysics, his highbrow interplay with the theologians of his interval, the old and social context during which Avicenna labored, the reception of his suggestion between Syriac-writing authors, between later Ishraqi philosophers, and in Shi'ite peripatetic philosophy. those insights diversity from new interpretations of his extant corpus, to forcing theories at the elements contributing to his philosophical ideas. in lots of situations, those papers current hitherto unexamined textual proof that are meant to give a contribution drastically to a brand new method in Avicenna experiences, and Arabic-Islamic philosophy generally.

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Huwìya occurs also, in the meaning of “sameness,” in alFàràbì’s Fì a©rà∂ al-˙akìm fì kull maqàla min al-Kitàb al-mawsùm bi-l-˙urùf, in Alfàràbì’s Philosophische Abhandlungen, ed. F. J. 16 (German translation in Alfàràbì’s Philosophische Abhandlungen, tr. J. -A. R. Guerrero, “Al-Fàràbì y la ‘Metafísica’ de Aristóteles,” La Ciudad de Dios 196 (1983), 211–240; partial English translation in Gutas, Avicenna, 242: “identity”). After Avicenna, al-˝azàlì employs huwìya in the Tahàfut al-Falàsifa (ed. M.

For if one says that every man is sleeping, one is just as entitled to say that no man is sleeping. The conclusion N(AiB) asserts that it is necessary that some men be sleeping. This contradicts the original premise. Therefore, the contradiction of the conclusion assumed to be true must be true. In other words, it is not necessary that AaC. Aristotle accepts (AaC), an assertoric proposition, as the conclusion of the original syllogism. So, (AaB) N(BaC) → (AaC) Aristotle argues that in a Barbara constituted of a necessary and an assertoric premise, the conclusion is necessary only when the major premise is necessary.

However, if the lack of temporal reference is to lead one to assume the two statements to hold for different periods, then indeed the two contraries/contradictories are true. At ”ifà", 38, Avicenna wants the reader to keep in mind the reference to temporality. , we may assume both to be true for different periods). , the same time) two contradictories may not be true (”ifà", 39). 38 See Figure 1 above. 39 Na[àt, 56. REISMAN_f2_1-24 3/6/03 7:53 PM Page 16  .  16 CA(A) ↔ not-N(A) & not-I(A) Such a possibility is Aristotelian C.

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