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The gross pay is the salary or hourly pay plus the commission. Gross Pay 29 • Commission ϭ (Sales – Quota) ϫ Rate of Commission • Gross Pay ϭ Salary ϩ Commission • Gross Pay ϭ Hourly Pay ϩ Commission TIP Use the order of operations to find the commission. Evaluate what is inside the parentheses first. Example: Rashid works as a salesperson in an electronics shop. He earns a weekly salary of $250 plus a 3% commission on sales over $2,000 per week. If Rashid’s sales in one week were $3,500, what are his gross wages for the week?

Example: 28 is what percent of 140? Solution: Write a fraction with the part whole . Divide to change the fraction to a decimal, and then move the decimal point two places to the right to change to a percent. 20 = 20% 28 is 20% of 140. 30 16 is what percent of 64? 31 22 is what percent of 140? Round to the nearest tenth of a percent. 4 Formulas A formula is a rule for showing the relationships among variables. When you know the values for all of the variables but one, you can substitute the values into the formula and simplify to find the missing value.

Example: Simplify 2 ϩ 3 ϫ 5. Solution: There are no parentheses or exponents, so do the multiplication and then the addition. 2 ϩ 3 ϫ 5 ϭ 2 ϩ 15 Perform multiplication. 2 ϩ 15 ϭ 17 Perform addition. 02, and n ϭ 5. Round to the nearest hundredth. Solution: Substitute the values into the formula. Evaluate to find A by using the order of operations. 02)5 Substitute values. 02)5 Perform operation inside parentheses. 104080803 Evaluate exponent. 16 Multiply and round to the nearest hundredth. TIP Wait until the end of a problem to round.

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