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C. 2004. Making them work: Primary-secondary chilled water systems. ASHRAE Journal 46(7). T. 2011. Optimizing design and control of chilled water plants: Part 1: Chilled water distribution system selection. ASHRAE Journal 53(7). T. 2011. Optimizing design and control of chilled water plants: Part 2: Condenser water system design. ASHRAE Journal 53(9). T. 2011. Optimizing design and control of chilled water plants: Part 3: Pipe sizing and optimizing Delta T. ASHRAE Journal 53(12). T. 2012. Optimizing design and control of chilled water plants: Part 4: Chiller and cooling tower selection.

Any load that affects this differential and the associated airflow must be calculated and considered, including the following: • All fans (supply, return, and supplemental) add heat. All of the fan shaft power eventually converts to heat in the system, either initially as fan losses or downstream as duct friction losses. Motor inefficiencies are an added load if that motor is in the airstream. Whether the fan is upstream of the cooling coil (blow-through) or downstream (draw-though) affects how this load must be accounted for.

Com). Publication Date: 6/1/2016 Central Cooling and Heating Plants 7. AUTOMATIC CONTROLS AND BUILDING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Licensed for single user. © 2016 ASHRAE, Inc. One advantage of central cooling and heating plants is easier implementation of building automation because the major and ancillary equipment is consolidated in one location. Computerized automatic controls can significantly affect system performance. A facility management system to monitor system points and overall system performance should be considered for any large, complex air-conditioning system.

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