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20. 20 and (the quotation) ibid. 16. 12-13). 93 find simultaneously within Intellect are, although logical categories, embraced within a real existent, and therefore also ontological ones. l This short summary of Beienvaltes' argument about the nature of spiritual motion cannot do full justice to the subtlety of his interpretation. However, it will at least have shown how much its fundamental postulates are aligned with the results of the present investigations. One important aspect is, nevertheless, absent from this interpretation, namely a treatment of the function of power within the system of spiritual motion, and this omission seems to be the main weakness in his version.

A little later, we shall consider the exact significance of this apparent imbalake in the causal process and find an answer to a problem which has baffled many commentators, but before doing so we must make a slight digression and tackle a point which arises from an earlier argument. In the last chapter, we saw that power could be understood as a continuum between the complete and the incomplete, and that this continuum stretched from the highest levels of the spiritual world down to the lowest regions of the sensible.

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A Study of Spiritual Motion in the Philosophy of Proclus (Philosophia Antiqua) by Stephen Gersh

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