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By Robert Carlson

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The sequence builds an intensive choice of prime quality descriptions of languages all over the world. every one quantity bargains a complete grammatical description of a unmarried language including totally analyzed pattern texts and, if applicable, a thesaurus and different proper details that's on hand at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language family members or quarter, and even if precise realization is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and worthy remedies of higher identified languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the single criterion is a excessive commonplace of medical caliber.

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The second remark follows from the first. e. closed with the nasal. However, when asked to pronounce such words very slowly, native speakers invariably place the [η] with the following syllable rather than with the preceding one: bo-gke and not borj-ke? 1. Consonants Table 1 gives the consonant phonemes of Kampwo Supyire. Table 1. Consonant phonemes labial alveolar palatal velar -voice Ρ t c k + voice b d j g -voice f s sh + voice ν ζ zh m n β 1 y glottal stops fricatives nasals approximants w Id and /j/ are phonetically affricates: [tj] and [d3] respectively.

U jiye ani. 4. Nasals It is almost possible to analyze the nasal stops as nasalized variants of approximants which occur before nasal vowels. This would be in line with the hypothesis of Bole-Richard (1982) that proto-Niger-Congo had no nasal consonants, but had nasalized vowels. Mills (1984) treats Cebaara /n/, /ji/, and /η/ as marginal, contrasting with /l/, /y/, and /w/ in initial position but being variants of them elsewhere. There is apparently a contrast between nasalized and oral vowels following nasal stops in Cebaara.

It has also innovated extensively, however. 1. Consonants 21 secondary release + V. 17 Front vowels (including /a/) became [yV] and back vowels became [wV], The [y] and the [w] are currently in various stages of fusion with the preceding consonant. In Cebaara the alveopalatal affricates [tfl and [d3] may be interpreted as alveolar stops plus secondary release (Mills 1984: 144). This is not the case in Supyire, where alveopalatals with secondary release contrast with those without it: (21) cy6 wy«] refuse vs.

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