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It’s been awhile…hello again.

adamkatz on March 26, 2009 Comments (2)

Our last post (before this one) is now nearly a month-old and its looming presence at the top of our blog suggests the question: Where have we been?

It’s not an unreasonable query. For the past few months, we’ve pretty internally absorbed making changes (mostly unseen to the app) that should put us in a great position to move forward and build a number of cool new features in the weeks and months ahead. It’s no excuse for not posting (although Mike’s been pretty on top of our Twitter) - but at least it’s the start of an explanation.

The posting and communication from us should pick up again and we hope that we continue to hear from you.

All the best, happy spring - Adam.

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RSS, API, and DataPortability

Michael Broukhim on February 19, 2009 Comments (1)

A tweet from a user today and the recent brouhaha over Facebook’s Terms of Services inspired us to reiterate for you all our total and undying commitment to DataPortability. We have a “Your Kid, Your Content” policy, and we intend to back that up in increasingly powerful ways over time.

So far, here are a few steps we’ve taken to give you total control over your content on TotSpot:

  • Download Originals. We are one of the only social media sites out there that allows you to re-download or “take back” your photos and videos in their full original quality.
  • RSS Feeds. We give you RSS feeds of the updates to your child profiles. RSS is both a simple way to keep track of updates (for yourself, friends, or family) and also a foundational building block for the “open” web. To get the RSS feed from your child’s profile, simply click on the RSS link in your browser’s address bar (see this screenshot as an example).
  • Our API. We have a robust API that gives web developers (like our friends at Pikchur) unlimited flexibility in creating ways to export, remix, or otherwise refashion your content on TotSpot.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for us in terms of our commitment to DataPortability.

As always, Twitter is a great way to reach out and contact us. Follow us @totspot.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

adamkatz on February 14, 2009 Comments (0)


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We’re LA’s Favorite Startup

Michael Broukhim on Comments (4)

totspot-fan-favoriteLast night at Twiistup, we were awarded the Fan Favorite award (to the right is a photo of our awesome Robot Trophy). To everyone who voted online and came by our booth to meet us (and our sippy cups) - Thank you!

Here’s the press release we sent to the media folk.

A few more quick notes about our Twiistup experience:

  • If you’re a parent who met us through Twiistup and are just getting your TotSpot pages set up, know this: we want to hear from you. We are obsessed with making TotSpot an amazing product experience, and we are convinced that the best way to do that is to have an open and ongoing dialogue with our users. Never hesitate to be in touch.


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Dear Twiistup Judges

Michael Broukhim on February 12, 2009 Comments (4)

Sippy Cup Lovebirds

Look at our Sippy Cup lovebirds. Aren’t they cute? Drop by the TotSpot mini-bar and there’ll be a little sumthin-sumthin in these. Not trying to influence your vote or anything. Just sayin… ;)

To our dear TotSpotters, help us butter up these judges by going to say nice things on their blogs / sites:

Andrew Warner, Ben Kuo, Brian Solis, David Siemer, Devlyn Steele, Frank Gruber, Jackie Peters, Peter Pham, Richard Wolpert, Sarah Lacy, and Will Jessup

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TotSpot’s a Showoff!

Michael Broukhim on February 11, 2009 Comments (0)

TotSpot Twiistup ShowoffGreat news! TotSpot’s been selected as a Showoff for this year’s Twiistup - Los Angeles’ premiere startup showcase event. We’re thrilled to be participating in the event and are hoping to make a run at the Fan Favorite award. We’d love your help in making happen; just click through this link to cast your vote.

Here’s the video we made to present TotSpot to the LA tech community:

What do you think, should we add this to our homepage?

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TotSpot Parenting Groups: Coming Soon-ish

adamkatz on January 21, 2009 Comments (0)

In a previous post, I mentioned the upcoming launch of TotSpot Groups. If you look at the dates closely, you’ll notice that according to my calendar, we should have launched the feature already. But, for the most part ;), groups have not yet gone live.

Why the delay? We wanted to put Groups through some final paces and also figured the holidays/holiday season are probably not the best time to be launching a new feature. Rest assured, however, TotSpot Groups are not vaporware - they’re coming and coming soon-ish :). They’re also cool, really cool.

P.S. If you’re interested in potentially moderating or forming a TotSpot Group, please let us know at Potential topics: Parenting, Grandparent Groups, College Savings Groups, Pre-School Groups, etc.

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Is your spouse on TotSpot? Multiple Managers are here!

Michael Broukhim on January 12, 2009 Comments (0)

Yesterday, this note arrived in our inbox from one of our users, and we thought our answer might useful to all our users:

I like the website - but it would help if both parents could set up accounts and both have access to put in information about the children.  Right now we are looking at setting up one account and sharing the user name and password and we thought we’d share our answer with

Since our update in November, TotSpot child profiles can have multiple managers. That means, if you want to add your husband or wife (or grandma, grandpa, a godparent or whoever) to be able to have the total ability to update your chid’s profile, you can!

Here are the quick and easy steps to add a manager:

1) Make sure that the person who you want to make a manager already has a TotSpot account of their own and has connected with as a ‘friend’ with your child.

2) Next, login to your account, and go to the main ‘Friends’ tab (see image below).

3) Pick your child’s tab, and then use the dropdown over the person you want to make a manager to change the setting.


One of the key new aspects of our November update to the site was the introduction of the notion of ‘Parent Profiles’ on TotSpot. We did a lot of backend rejiggering to enable parents to have an identity on the site alongside their children, which opens the door to a whole new set of functionality (like adding managers) and community features (like our forthcoming Groups).

As always, never hesitate to drop us a line; you’ll get our attention most quickly through our dedicated support site on Get Satisfcation. You may find out that we already have exactly what you’re looking for.

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Happy New Year - Welcome ‘09 Tots

adamkatz on January 1, 2009 Comments (0)

A happy and a healthy new year to everyone and a welcome to all the tots of ‘09.

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Baby Videos: Sociable Blog Covers TotSpot Video

adamkatz on December 30, 2008 Comments (0)


Social media blog Sociable recently reviewed the launch of TotSpot Video. Here’s what they said:

It is an incredibly easy way for parents and families to privately share videos about their children.

Right now, most social sites do not offer video (require embedding from YouTube) and/or lack the privacy requirements parents require to feel comfortable uploading their videos. TotSpot Video solves these problems.

They’re one of the first social publishing platforms to incorporate direct video uploads (can’t do it on Twitter or Tumblr) and are, almost certainly, the first and only parent publishing site to offer video.

If you haven’t already, check out TotSpot Video by clicking video on your dashboard. Like Sociable said, it’s pretty neat.

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