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We’re looking for part-time help: A TotSpot Chief Mom (or Dad) Officer

Michael Broukhim on June 10, 2009 Comments (0)

TotSpot is growing as a company, and we’re looking to beef up our team with a Chief Mom (or Dad) Officer. For now, it’ll only be a part-time role, but an integral part of the team nonetheless with room to grow. We’re looking for someone to help with community monitoring (for our new TotSpot Groups) as well as some social media, business development, and marketing efforts. The only requirement is a passion for what we’re doing at TotSpot. Sound like something you might be interested in? Send us a note at for more details.

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Introducing TotSpot Groups!

Michael Broukhim on May 19, 2009 Comments (0)

Today is a big day for us at TotSpot. We’ve set out to build the web’s most vibrant community for the world surrounding babies, toddlers, and children, and today, we’re happy to announce the launch of TotSpot Groups!

A community is only as good as its members, so we need your help in making sure TotSpot Groups is as a great a place as we think it can be. Have something you’re passionate about? Whether it’s parenting issues, an existing group you’re involved in, an activity you enjoy, or anything else, we also hope you’ll bring your interests to the TotSpot community by creating a group or finding an existing group to join.

We hope you’ll find TotSpot Groups a little bit different than the traditional “mom forums” you might find elsewhere. For starters, they’re not just for moms, but for dads, grandparents, and everyone else who fits under the TotSpot umbrella. Beyond that, we’ve tailored TotSpot Groups for authentic communication with a special emphasis on group media sharing.
We know not everything will be perfect from the get-go, and we hope you’ll be vocal with your thoughts and insights as we continue to grow. Get in touch! Tell us what you love, what you hate, and everything in between.

Here are some Screenshots:

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Brief Downtime This AM

adamkatz on Comments (0)

Want to give a quick heads up - We may have a few minutes of downtime this morning as we do a bit of sprucing up…

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TotSpot Plus in the Wild and in the Press

adamkatz on May 12, 2009 Comments (0)

As our members know (per our most recent e-mail), TotSpot Plus is now officially in the wild. Plus users get expanded photo/video storage, access to priority support, and an increase in the # of managers and contributors. If you haven’t already, check out Plus here (login required) - or send a gift to your favorite member (think belated Mother’s Day gift).

In addition, our friends at StartupMeme and SociableBlog covered the launch of TotSpot Plus:

From StartupMeme:

Today, TotSpot has announced the launch of TotSpot Plus.  With this parents get boost to their storage, which has been pushed to 2GB and enabling multiple profiles so both mom and dad can separately participate in creating their child’s memories. They can also add more accounts as contributors, just in case a grand parent or an aunt has the child’s photos or videos. This make the site ever more useful, especially letting parents add contributors to complete the entire story of their kids childhood memories.

From SociableBlog: TotSpot Launches TotSpot Plus : Build a Betty Baby Website

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Making it Easier to Find Your Friends

adamkatz on May 1, 2009 Comments (0)

As you might have noticed, we’ve recently pushed live a bunch of little, but we believe, significant changes to TotSpot that should improve the site’s ease of use. Among the most useful is the new friends dropdown, which displays links to the profiles of your five most recently updated friends alongside quicklinks to invite new friends to TotSpot.


Take it for a spin, it should make your TotSpot life a little easier.

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Insights into Product Development - Skitch Something for Us!

Michael Broukhim on April 27, 2009 Comments (0)

Curious about web product development processes? We use Skitch and mark pages up like this all the time:

This is a live page that we hope to be addressing very soon. See a page on TotSpot you think can be made better? Skitch it (or use whatever drawing / screen grab tool you like) and let us know in the comments!

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Baby Twitter?

adamkatz on April 22, 2009 Comments (2)

So the title was basically Google-bait, but the real question is:  How can we integrate TotSpot and Twitter?

  • Is it as simple as posting (with TinyURLs) your TotSpot updates to Twitter?
  • Is it input from Twitter?
  • Should we develop some sort of hashtag around your profile?

All thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

Cross-posted at Get Satisfaction.

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History of the Status Update

adamkatz on April 15, 2009 Comments (0)

For those, and surprisingly there were a few e-mails, interested in talking more about status updates, I thought it a good idea to link over to a recent Mashable piece that provides a brief history of the status update.

In an insightful interview with the LA Times, Twitter’s co-founder, Jack Dorsey, explains that Twitter found its origins in the notions surrounding vehicle dispatch, and that “it was when Dorsey saw these systems through the eyes of the social, mobile Web, where anyone can squawk from anywhere, that Twitter’s Big Idea was born.”

Dorsey explains that instant messenger was, in fact, at the core of the initial ideas around Twitter (evolving in name from to twittr, and then finally to Twitter). “This aspect where you can just locate your buddy list and at a glance locate what your friends are up to, or what they say they’re up to. I found the same parallels in dispatch — here’s a bunch of ambulances and couriers reporting where they are, and here’s my friends.

Required reading, no.  Kinda intersting, yeah.

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Baby Websites

Michael Broukhim on April 9, 2009 Comments (12)


We always want to make sure that we’re providing the absolute best experience possible for parents looking to chronicle and share about their babies, tots, and children. There’s no better way of holding our feet to the fire than letting you know about some of the other options out there for creating baby websites, sharing family photos & videos, and more.

We’ll update this post on an ongoing basis with links to pages that specifically compare our service to a competitor. Wherever possible, we’ll try to highlight what we’re doing differently to stay ahead of the curve. If there are certain things you like about other sites that we don’t offer, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Babysites - Baby Websites Compared [4/9/2009]

BabyJellyBeans - Baby Websites Compared [4/9/2009]

TotSites - Baby Websites Compared [4/23/2009]

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Easier Status Updates

adamkatz on April 7, 2009 Comments (6)

One thing that has certainly taken us by surprise has been the volume of Status Updates created. Initially, we included status updates almost as afterthought - a sort-of why not? feature and we didn’t expect too much of it. It turns out, however, that Status Updates have become one of our more popular content creation tools. I imagine this is the result of Twitter’s mainstreaming the input medium and ease of use - it’s just really simple to do.

To make things even easier, we now enable you to update your child’s status directly from their profile. Beneath the basic information box on your child’s profile is a Status Update field where you can share your latest 160-character missive.


When visiting the profile of a friend’s child, that box is now the Wall Post field:


In both cases, your message is directly included in the child’s stream - making a quick and painless process even easier and more dynamic.

So go ahead, say something interesting :).

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