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Which Louis Vuitton Neverfull sizes should you buyPM

gui on April 21, 2011

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull is becoming the most popular style for the brand. Many women are purchasing the Neverfull as their first Louis Vuitton handbag. Due to the versatility and relatively low price (it is still expensive but cheaper compared to some other styles), it has been spotted in almost every corner of town. It is becoming a very trendy thing to sport this handbag on the shoulder while shopping and going out. This hub talks about the various sizes of Louis Vuitton Neverfull (PM, MM or GM). Find out which one is the best for you and your purposes.

What is the purpose of the handbag? Do you plan to use the bag as an everyday bag, a shopping tote or carryall for traveling purposes? The size that you decide to get should be good for the purposes that you are using it for. For everyday purposes, the Neverfull GM is huge and only appropriate for lots of stuff. If you use it as a carryall, it will definitely hold lots of items and would have more spaces leftover. Actually, you don’t have to worry about not having enough space with the other two sizes (PM and MM),replicahandbags
they are big enough for most people’s everyday use.

How much do you plan to carry? Even the PM is big enough for day to day essentials. Unless you are really trying to carry everything you can think of, the PM will be a sufficient size for your purposes. Nowadays, how much you are carrying in a handbag is not that important anymore. Most are more concerned about the look the handbag itself.

Do you prefer a certain look of the Neverfull? The Neverfull can be completely open or cinched in on both sides. The two ways have very different looks. Some girls prefer it open whereas others prefer it cinched. The MM, GM will look a lot smaller when cinched on both sides; the cinching gives these bigger bags a more compact look. The PM will definitely be too small when cinched to function as a tote. The Neverfull MM and GM can flatter a smaller girl when cinched. For some reason, the PM just seems way too small. Unless you are below 5′3”, the PM will not flatter your body.

How tall and big are you? Handbags look the best when it is in proportion to the person carrying it. Petite women look better with a small handbag that mirrors her frame. If you are under 5′3” and very thin, it is hard to pull off the look of the Neverfull GM even when cinched. It will look like you are toting around luggage. Taller women look better with bigger handbags because smaller ones look like they are carrying their kids’ play bags. The Azur print Neverfull GM will look even bigger than the darker print counterparts (monogram and ebene). However, fashion has its whims and the oversized look can be very popular / trendy. The best thing to do is go into the Louis Vuitton store with a trusted friend and actually try on the different sizes yourself to decide. The friend can give you constructive suggestions and you will be able to see yourself with the different sizes at the same time.

In general, if you are under 5′3”, the PM is a great choice. For women that are 5′1 to 5′8, the Neverfull MM will work great either completely open or cinched. Those that are 5′6” or even taller, the Neverfull GM can be flattering and trendy when carried with the two sides open or cinched.

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