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Facebook’s Loss (Babies) is TotSpot’s Gain

Michael Broukhim on August 21, 2009

Facebook Lego

Joel Stein asks poignantly, Why Does Facebook Hate Babies?

Facebook hates babies. I found this out last night when I logged on as Laszlo Stein, my three-month old son who has been faithfully posting adorable photos and angry commentary since his second-trimester sonogram, back when his listed interests were just kicking and drinking his own urine.

All I wanted was to avoid being one of those annoying parents who post photos of their kids on their own page. I wanted a place for the few family and friends who want to see his baby pictures. And now all the photos other people posted of Laszlo are gone, and I have to e-mail every damn photo to our parents and siblings.

Joel… it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a place for Laszlo on TotSpot… give us a shot. You’ll <3 us and some of the sweet Facebook integrations we have in place and are working on.

Making TotSpot the “seamless” child profile of Facebook is a priority for us. If you have any ideas for how we could be doing this even better, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Why Does Facebook Hate Babies? - TIME.

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