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We’ll Do It Live!

adamkatz on June 18, 2009

Not quite Bill O’Reilly style, but like many others we’re big fans of the real-time-web and we’re taking our first steps in that direction with some recent improvements to TotSpot Groups.


Now, activity throughout TotSpot Groups is aggregated into a single stream - a refresh button is included to update the stream and at the bottom of page a “More” button introduces more posts “Twitter-style.” ┬áIn addition, discovering new content within your groups is easier - the number of new updates since last page load is displayed next to the group name.

To date, we’ve been blown away at the number and quality of both new groups formed and the content created. If you haven’t already, check out some our favorites: Working Moms, Dad’s Place, SAHMs, Mommies United, Parents of Preemies, and more. There is a great community blossoming and we’re just happy to do our best to assist in that effort.

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