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We’re LA’s Favorite Startup

Michael Broukhim on February 14, 2009

totspot-fan-favoriteLast night at Twiistup, we were awarded the Fan Favorite award (to the right is a photo of our awesome Robot Trophy). To everyone who voted online and came by our booth to meet us (and our sippy cups) - Thank you!

Here’s the press release we sent to the media folk.

A few more quick notes about our Twiistup experience:

  • If you’re a parent who met us through Twiistup and are just getting your TotSpot pages set up, know this: we want to hear from you. We are obsessed with making TotSpot an amazing product experience, and we are convinced that the best way to do that is to have an open and ongoing dialogue with our users. Never hesitate to be in touch.

  • We met many many incredible people & companies last night. We’re going to try to be in touch with all of you whom we came across over the next few days. If we miss you, be sure to ping us.
  • Special thanks to the team that made Twiistup happen: @macadaan @stephmacadaan @nicolejordan @jerpoop. There hard work was palpable, and events like these are a critical reason why the Los Angeles tech scene has become so vibrant.
  • I know when we first got started in the LA scene, it was a bit hard to figure out who was who, what was what, and where was where. Need guidance? For great events calendars, check out: Kickingsand and Mixergy. For all the rest, check out Lalawag. (For NYC, where we also spend a good deal of time, see: CenterNetworks and NextWebNY)
  • And if you’re ever at an event, come say hi; I’m probably wearing a TotSpot t-shirt or carrying a toy (Adam is probably not, but say hi to him too: me left, him right).
  • We’re going to follow this blog post up soon with a collage of pictures, media snippets, anecdotes, etc. If you have any good material for us, please share it either in the comments below or use your email account to compose a messsage.

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Where can people get a TotSpot t-shirt for adults and children? Just curious.


Michael Broukhim

Hi Janice - We don’t have them available except at events right now… but we’ll putting them up for sale very soon!

Andrew Warner

Glad my calendar helps. It’s a mashup of all the calendars I find online. (That way it says complete.)


I loved your post.Much thanks again. edgdccgkkgfe

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