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Sharing a public version of your child’s TotSpot Page

Michael Broukhim on December 19, 2008

We’ve received several emails in our inbox this week asking us the same thing: how do I share my TotSpot page without requiring people to sign up for an account?

One user writes,

I signed up for TotSpot almost a year ago, and loved it!  However, I
stopped using it immediately when I realized that there is no public
facing profile page for my child.

We haven’t done a good enough job of sharing all the different ways you can share your TotSpot profile! You can share a version of your profile publicly - either with, or without, password protection.

To do so, visit your child’s profile. Click ‘Details’ from the Update Bar, then go to your ‘Privacy’ tab (see screenshot below). If you choose ‘Completely Public,’ we’ll put a version of your profile with your latest updates up at


We recommend including a password for most users. If you do want to publish your profile without a password - we recommend you carefully consider the content you’re sharing. With password or without, sharing your TotSpot profile should be easy-peasy.

For tips on safely sharing content about your child, check out this post on the Zooloo blog (I wonder what Zooloo is?). The post also brings up some important questions about DataPortability - a movement we’re a big supporter of at TotSpot.

Let us know if there are other ways you’d like to share the content you put on TotSpot!

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Thanks for the mention! We are huge supporters of safety for you and your family online.

Can’t tell what ZooLoo is quite yet, but soon! Keep checking back :)

Michael Broukhim

OK, well we’re on our toes waiting to find out :)

We’re also huge supporters of family safety online. One of the main purposes of TotSpot is giving parents a safer, more private alternative to the sharing that they do on other social media platforms right now.

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