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Michael Broukhim on December 15, 2008

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Soila Giambruno

So I want to make a fancy dessert that isn;t too complicated to make. I don;t have alot of ingredients. Can anyone give me a recipe (Smoothies, milkshakes,custards,cakes,anythingg.). I have… sugar (reg + powdered). eggs.. milk. vanilla extract. vanilla ice cream . butter. umm…peanut butter.?? Haha.. out of flour :( No cream :( No fruits :( . . I tried to make creme brulee the other night and completey failed. Had no cream. . . I probably have some more stuff, not sure. I also have an oven, lol. And a blender, if one of those is needed (: . . If you have a recipe that has something I don’t, or may not have, please share still, but give umm..substitutions.?? Or recipes that can do without some thingss..Thank youu(:. Ohh. Umm I have corn syrup, coconut, chocolate chips too… I have cake mix and brownie mix..not really in the mood for cake and brownies though..any other uses for them?.

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