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Get Satisfaction!

Fred Oliveira on June 25, 2008

Get Satisfaction

Managing a product is tough. Which is exactly why we’ve been thinking about solutions to manage all the great feedback you guys have been sending in - our inboxes have been full, which is great! One of the problems with our old feedback system was that it was a dialogue between us and you - and when it comes to a product like Totspot, it makes sense to involve the whole community in some of these discussions.

So, we’re slowly starting to migrate our feedback system over to Get Satisfaction. They’ve built a great system for people (like you!) to share ideas and engage in discussions about Totspot. They make it really easy to see what other Totspot users have said, and discuss the ideas, problems and questions they’ve posted.

Well join up! Right now you need a separate Get Satisfaction account in order to post content over there. We know that’s a bit of a hassle, but once that’s done (and they make getting started real easy) you’ll be able to send in even better feedback (or discuss other feedback) right away! There’s even a few ideas and discussions on there already! Visit Totspot on Get Satisfaction.

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Erin Carrasco

Just wanted to say LOVE this site! I’ve recently started blogging (to my husband’s delight as he is mr. technical) and decided to blog about your TotSpot site, so far i’ve had many emails thinking this site is really neat! Way to go!


I just wanted to take a minute to congratulate you on the wonderful improvements to the site. I am so addicted to the site. I am on it as much as possible recording all my sons milestones and daily accomplishments. Just some questions, I had read somewhere that in the future we would be able to purchase a book of all the information we input into the site, is that still in the works? Also, I just added more pictures to his site but i was unable to name the photo set it just came up null. I never had a problem before so i don’t know what I did wrong.
Thanks ,

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