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The 3 TotSpot Promises

Michael Broukhim on March 16, 2008

Nothing is more important than your kids. Here are 3 reasons to trust TotSpot with your most treasured content.

1) It’s a Private Page -

We will always protect the privacy of your account. Our default privacy setting will always prevent anyone from seeing your kid’s page unless you explicitly invite them. As we evolve the product, we promise to always to do so in such a way that will ensure the privacy of your family.

2) Your Kid, Your Content -

We will never claim ownership to the content you add to TotSpot. It’s your kid, and therefore, it’s your content. We are committed to data portability. Wherever possible, we will create ways for you to take your content with you to other sites (through the ability to download original copies of your content and through our forthcoming API) or off the internet entirely.

3) Put it Online, Get it in Print -

We want to make chronicling your child’s life easier, not harder. The last thing you want to do is keep a separate online scrapbook and an offline one, or to upload pictures here and still have to go elsewhere for prints. As we continue to grow TotSpot, we promise to offer a full array of printing options so that you can use TotSpot as a comprehensive solution for sharing the life of your child.

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