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Holiday Sharing Idea - Twelve Days of Your Baby

Michael Broukhim on November 30, 2009 Comments (13)

From the “we love  our users” bin comes this tip from Amanda at TipsySociety:

“Twelve Days of [Your Child's Name Here]“

This is the way The Twelve Days of Jack worked:  In the 12 days leading up to Christmas day, we would dress him up in his Christmas socks or his Christmas bib or what have you.  Then we would upload that pic to Totspot which is a Facebook type of thing for babies. It’s fabulous–all your relatives and friends sign up to be your kiddo’s friend and then you upload your journal entry, picture or video ONCE and it sends out a link to everybody he’s friends with.  Each day SOMEONE gets to relish in the fact that their Christmas themed present was showcased AND your kiddo doesn’t have to endure the revolving dressing room door.  It’s definitely a WIN WIN.


Got a tip to share with our users about how you use TotSpot? Let us know about it: we’re easily reached via email, Twitter, or Get Satisfaction.

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Welcome Sesame Street!

Michael Broukhim on November 9, 2009 Comments (4)

sesameIn celebration of the all-new as well as the upcoming new season of Sesame Street (starting November 10), we’re thrilled to introduce Sesame Street on TotSpot!

Cooke Monster, Elmo and Abby Cadabby all now have profiles on TotSpot that you can connect with and explore. In the coming weeks, these profiles will be updated with more content and news from Sesame Street.

You can also spice up your own child’s profile with new Sesame Street inspired themes! Just click on “Appearance” in the update bar of your child’s profile to select a theme based on your favorite Sesame Street character (see screenshot below).


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When You’re a Favicon, You’re a Social Media Heavyweight

Michael Broukhim on August 25, 2009 Comments (0)

TotSpot: A Favicon and Social Media Heavyweight

You know you’ve made it when you’re surrounded by Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook favicons. Thanks @jennyland for the inclusion on your artistically inspired homepage ;)

Jennyland gives us a sweet new social media icon (to go along with the child profile badges we just introduced) that you can use on your blogs / websites too:

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Child Profile Badges and Widgets - Quick, Easy Sharing

Michael Broukhim on August 24, 2009 Comments (6)

Do you have a blog? MySpace? hang out on a message board? Our new Child Profile Badges and Widgets are a super-easy and, we think, really good-looking way to share a link to your child’s TotSpot profile. You can put a badge on your page with a quick bit of copy and paste. Here’s video demonstration:

It’s that simple. Our badges come in multiple shapes, sizes, and even types, including a Birthday Ticker (see mine below) and some insanely cool Pregnancy Trackers - one has a child’s room where the light dims/brightens based on closeness to due date, another shows your babies semi-scientific development.

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Facebook’s Loss (Babies) is TotSpot’s Gain

Michael Broukhim on August 21, 2009 Comments (5)

Facebook Lego

Joel Stein asks poignantly, Why Does Facebook Hate Babies?

Facebook hates babies. I found this out last night when I logged on as Laszlo Stein, my three-month old son who has been faithfully posting adorable photos and angry commentary since his second-trimester sonogram, back when his listed interests were just kicking and drinking his own urine.

All I wanted was to avoid being one of those annoying parents who post photos of their kids on their own page. I wanted a place for the few family and friends who want to see his baby pictures. And now all the photos other people posted of Laszlo are gone, and I have to e-mail every damn photo to our parents and siblings.

Joel… it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a place for Laszlo on TotSpot… give us a shot. You’ll <3 us and some of the sweet Facebook integrations we have in place and are working on.

Making TotSpot the “seamless” child profile of Facebook is a priority for us. If you have any ideas for how we could be doing this even better, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Why Does Facebook Hate Babies? - TIME.

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Group of the Month: Working Moms, Q&A with Michelle Gillen

Michael Broukhim on June 30, 2009 Comments (1)


It’s been tremendously exciting for us to watch TotSpot Groups blossom into a genuine community. While we try to keep making improvements to the product, the real work is being done by our incredibly passionate users.

We want to celebrate and shine our spotlight on those who’ve really taken it upon themselves to cultivate a community on TotSpot by featuring a Group of the Month along with a Q&A with the Group’s creator.

We’re excited to announce our first Group of the Month (June): Working Moms, created by Michelle Gillen. Working Moms was created on the day we launched TotSpot Groups and since then has become one of our most vibrant Groups thanks in no small part to the passion and energy of Michelle.

Michelle, mother of 5-month-old Maggie and 7-year-old Hailey, is a, self-described, fellow “computer geek.” By day, she’s responsible for keeping the Pennsylvania’s 140 state park offices connected to the internet as the network security administrator for Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for the State of Pennsylvania. She’s a quintessential, working mom. Our interview, is below:

TotSpot: The name of the group, “Working Moms,” is pretty self-explanatory. Beyond that, can you explain to a perspective group member why they should join?

Michelle: Being  a mom in general is a wonderful, amazing, scary, confusing experience!  Toss in working AND being a mom and that really makes a challenging task! Sometimes I feel like I’m running a non-stop marathon!  Many days I deal with a full range of emotions while being away from my kids.  With a new baby, I had other things to contemplate such as how to continue to breast feed and how to find someone I trusted to watch my newborn! I felt so alone at times and overwhelmed.
So that said, this group could be a place that we could discuss all of that and more!  Make new friendships.  Find others who have been where we are and have some sound, hard learned advice on how to get through it.  Or as I’ve just recently experienced, when the task gets daunting, share it and someone will give you the boost you’re needing to help you get going again!


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EasyShare by TotSpot - Stupidly Easy Sharing, O.M.G.

Michael Broukhim on June 19, 2009 Comments (1)

Since we launched, one of the most requested features has been the ability to quickly and easily share content on TotSpot …with just a link. Friends and family members get frustrated by sign-up forms or passwords to remember, and as a result, miss the beautiful content on your child’s profile.

We’re thrilled to announce EasyShare by TotSpot:


EasyShare gives you a simple link that you can send to your friends in an email, an IM conversation, or automagically post to Facebook, Twitter, or even your adult profile on TotSpot. That link will give recipients access to just that single piece of content (including an entire photo set) without any sign-up, any password, or any hassle.

The EasyShare box (see it in the image above) is now available on the sidebar of any individual content page on TotSpot. Just go to the page you want to share, look in the sidebar, point, click, and EasyShare. Give it a shot now!

As always, we love to hear your thoughts about how we’re doing and what we can do to make TotSpot an even better experience. Let us know in the comments below!

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We’ll Do It Live!

adamkatz on June 18, 2009 Comments (1)

Not quite Bill O’Reilly style, but like many others we’re big fans of the real-time-web and we’re taking our first steps in that direction with some recent improvements to TotSpot Groups.


Now, activity throughout TotSpot Groups is aggregated into a single stream - a refresh button is included to update the stream and at the bottom of page a “More” button introduces more posts “Twitter-style.”  In addition, discovering new content within your groups is easier - the number of new updates since last page load is displayed next to the group name.

To date, we’ve been blown away at the number and quality of both new groups formed and the content created. If you haven’t already, check out some our favorites: Working Moms, Dad’s Place, SAHMs, Mommies United, Parents of Preemies, and more. There is a great community blossoming and we’re just happy to do our best to assist in that effort.

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We’re looking for part-time help: A TotSpot Chief Mom (or Dad) Officer

Michael Broukhim on June 10, 2009 Comments (0)

TotSpot is growing as a company, and we’re looking to beef up our team with a Chief Mom (or Dad) Officer. For now, it’ll only be a part-time role, but an integral part of the team nonetheless with room to grow. We’re looking for someone to help with community monitoring (for our new TotSpot Groups) as well as some social media, business development, and marketing efforts. The only requirement is a passion for what we’re doing at TotSpot. Sound like something you might be interested in? Send us a note at for more details.

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Introducing TotSpot Groups!

Michael Broukhim on May 19, 2009 Comments (0)

Today is a big day for us at TotSpot. We’ve set out to build the web’s most vibrant community for the world surrounding babies, toddlers, and children, and today, we’re happy to announce the launch of TotSpot Groups!

A community is only as good as its members, so we need your help in making sure TotSpot Groups is as a great a place as we think it can be. Have something you’re passionate about? Whether it’s parenting issues, an existing group you’re involved in, an activity you enjoy, or anything else, we also hope you’ll bring your interests to the TotSpot community by creating a group or finding an existing group to join.

We hope you’ll find TotSpot Groups a little bit different than the traditional “mom forums” you might find elsewhere. For starters, they’re not just for moms, but for dads, grandparents, and everyone else who fits under the TotSpot umbrella. Beyond that, we’ve tailored TotSpot Groups for authentic communication with a special emphasis on group media sharing.
We know not everything will be perfect from the get-go, and we hope you’ll be vocal with your thoughts and insights as we continue to grow. Get in touch! Tell us what you love, what you hate, and everything in between.

Here are some Screenshots:

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